Value of TALAMAX®

Microbial Antibody Production System

  • Half the culture time than that of CHOs due to microbial expression technology
  • Inexpensive culture medium consisting of sugars and minerals

Low Risk of Side Effects Caused by Glycans

  • Aglycosylated antibody production technology
  • Having functions such as antigen binding and blood stability


Manufacturing scheme and cost benefits with TALAMAX®

  • Can be produced using general microorganism culture facilities. No special equipment is required.
  • The culture medium is inexpensive. Microorganism culture medium consisting of sugar and minerals is used.
  • Short culture time enables shortening of production time. The culture time is 5 to 7 days.

Comparison of antibody properties produced by TALAMAX® and CHO (ex. Trastuzumab)

The antibodies generated by TALAMAX® are characterized as having no immunogenicity because non-animal sugar chains are not added, they maintain their ability to bind to antigens, there is stability in the blood, and other functions.

No gyco-chain

Glyco-chan staining

The same purification process

Impurity analysis after purification

The same binding ability to hHer2

ELISA assay against antigen

Equivalent stability in blood

Blood stability test

Example of Antibody Expression

Improvement of titer through strain improvement and process optimization

Establish High production process by skilled genetic manipulation and culture technology

Global Service Offering

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services provides the service for strain development and fundamental process development in Japan, then technology transfer to GMP manufacturing site in San Diego. We also have CMO partners across the world.

Service Flow

We have a strong R&D site in Japan. We can propose the most efficient total process by conducting everything from strain development to fermentation/purification process development and analytical assay development at our own site.

You can leave all development from test expression to GMP manufacturing to us.

The TALAMAX® team conducts your project step by step while collaborating with your project team.

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