2022 / 11 / 01

Exhibition and Presentation at RAFT® 14

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services will participate in RAFT® 14 , on November 6 to 9, 2022.
RAFT® is an international conference that discusses recent advances in fermentation technology.
We will be making oral presentations and exhibiting its CORYNEX® and TALAMAX® technologies at the conference.
We look forward to your visit.

Event Name RAFT® 14
Dates November 6(Sun) – 9(Wed), 2022
Venue Caribe Royale Orlando, Orlando, FL
Exhibition Tabletop 7
[Presentation] Alternative systems to animal cell culture
Topics and Presenters “CORYNEX®: Suitable protein expression system for antibody mimetics using Corynebacterium glutamicum
Hayato Nagano, Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
Executive Summary Corynebacterium glutamicum discovered as a natural producer of glutamate is a gram-positive, non-sporulating, and non-pathogenic bacterium. For several decades, this strain has been heavily used in industrial production of amino acids, which are used in human food additive, animal feed additive, and pharmaceutical products. We have developed a unique recombinant protein secretion system by using C. glutamicum and protein expression service CORYNEX®.

This system has some advantages compared with other protein expression systems. First, C. glutamicum hardly secrete host cell proteins of itself into the culture supernatant. Therefore, the target protein can be secreted with high purity. Second advantage is about correct folding of the secreted protein. A protein which has complex structure such as including disulfide bonds, homo-dimer, and hetero-dimer can be secreted as active form. Third advantage is endotoxin-free. C. glutamicum is a gram-positive bacterium, which does not produce endotoxin natively. So, it is not needed to care about endotoxin clearance during manufacturing process.

To expand the versatility of this system, we developed the CspB-fusion method to increase the secretion titer, and identified the Tat-pathway, which is a novel protein secretion pathway that differs from general protein-secretion pathway well known as Sec-pathway. Furthermore, we have developed efficient breeding technologies, such as signal peptide library and host strain library, to improve the productivity.

Now we are applying this system to produce biopharmaceuticals. So far, several proteins produced by this system have already been tested in clinical trials in US and EU. Recently, there are focused on antibody mimetic proteins as well as conventional major antibody therapeutics in the biopharma field, so we have tried the strain development to produce these proteins. As a result, various kinds of proteins could be successfully secreted, so it was demonstrated that CORYNEX® is very suitable system to produce antibody mimetics and fragment antibodies.

In this presentation, we introduce the detail and case study of CORYNEX® technology, and the perspective of the Ajinomoto’s biopharma services including contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) business.

Date, Time and Venue November 8(Wed), 2022 15:10 at Caribe Royale Orlando – Grand Sierra E