味の素バイオ・ファーマ サービスは、2024年5月14日(火)~17日(金)開催の TIDES USA 2024に参加いたします。

TIDES USAは、オリゴ核酸やペプチドの治療薬の市場投入を加速させ、R&Dを迅速化し、CMC効率を改善するための先導的戦略を実現する、業界最大で最も著名なイベントです。

味の素バイオ・ファーマ サービスは、このイベントでRNAについての口頭発表を行います。


展示会名 TIDES USA 2024
会期 2024年5月14日(火)~17日(金)
場所(会場) Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA, USA
演題・発表者 New Ligation Approach: Technology for High Quality Manufacturing of Over 150 mer RNA
Wataru Kurosawa, Ph.D., General Manager of Business Development at Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services
要旨 It has never been possible to synthesize partially or heavily modified RNA strands that are over 100 mer long with high quality and high yield using continuous solid phase synthesis or in vitro transcription…until now. In this presentation, I will introduce our new synthetic method for producing high-quality long RNA strands through the enzymatic ligation of several short oligonucleotides. At Aji Bio-Pharma, we have successfully produced RNA strands that are over 150 mer long with base modification. Using this method, we have also synthesized protein-encoding mRNA, which are over 500 mer long. Our revolutionary solution enables the synthesis of partially or heavily modified long RNA strands, which were previously unfeasible to produce using earlier methods.
日時・場所 5月16日(木) 7:45