Innovative liquid phase synthesis for oligonucleotide, peptide, PMO and PPMO


Mass Production with High Purity

  • Achieved by hybrid process of conventional solid phase and classical liquid phase synthesis technology.

Seamless Scale Up from Lab to Commercial

  • Highly-repeatable process with no special equipment.

Green Chemistry

  • Lesser solvent and reagent consuming than traditional solid phase synthesis, making it a more eco-friendly method


AJIPHASE® is a hybrid of solid and solution phase syntheses that uses an anchor to make the molecules very soluble in non-polar solvents, providing a homogenous mixture.
After the reaction occurs, the anchor is filtered out along with the excess reagents and byproducts, providing the recovered intermediate, all in one reactor.

This advanced technology allows Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services to manufacture commercial quantities of various middle molecules under GMP, without sacrificing purity or quality.

AJIPHASE® is a green technology that uses less solvents and reagents than the conventional technology while still providing high yield batch sizes.

Can slide left and right

Solid Phase Liquid Phase AJIPHASE®
Scaling up Limited Easy Easy
Quality Middle High High
Lead time Short Long Middle
(Chain Length)
Long Short Long
Environmental impact High Middle Middle

Track Record

Quality and purity profiles show no difference between AJIPHASE® and traditional solid phase synthesis. This advanced process is highly reproducible and scalable with no additional expensive special equipment, providing cost-effective and pure PMOs, oligonucleotides and peptides. AJIPHASE® has been introduced in commercial drug substance manufacturing.

Global Service Offering

At our manufacturing facilities in Japan and Belgium, we are able to produce large scale PMOs, oligonucleotides and peptides via AJIPHASE® technology with using our GMP expertise.

Service Flow

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services offers a one stop service from lab to commercial scale.


Resources related to AJIPHASE® can be found here.

Research Publications

1. AJIPHASE®: A Highly Efficient Synthetic Method for One-Pot Peptide Elongation in the Solution Phase by an Fmoc Strategy

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 7803 –7807.

The report of developing a one-pot synthesis of a peptide sequence wherein the synthetic intermediates were isolated by solvent extraction instead of precipitation.

White Papers


The Discussion how Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services meets the seamless supply challenge by providing development, scale-up and synthesis capabilities of research to commercial quantities of customized oligonucleotides.

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